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There is a huge difference between a product and a dream. If you have a brilliant idea and willing to make a good product, you must be fast and do it yourself before losing the competition.
Even the best idea and the most money-making one is still a dream until you make it.


Cando App

Choose or be chosen, you can do

Tipsy App

Tipsy, A simple way of gratitude

Barsee App

Thirsty for new impression

Talk24 App

VOIP based, helpdesk app

This Application is 100% owned by UAB “Sestoji Planta,” and its success will play a key role among our startups. The idea of this App relays on sharing talents and skills, whether a simple capability or a specified skill set. In fact, “Cando” will be a competitive marketplace for skills. By Cando, everybody can promote his/her talent within a specified area.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to leave a tip, but you don’t have cash!? TIPSY is a modern platform created for current cashless society, which helps to express your respect to a painter, encourage a musician, applause to a comedian, tip a waiter or to express your support in a social event.

This application provides a platform for call control, reporting, billing and after-call survey in customer service. Talk24 is primarily designed to work as a virtual call center with the possibility of dividing calls between different agents worldwide. The platform reduces the cost of customer care and gives providers the possibility to decentralize loads even by using freelancers in charge. Talk24 is capable to handle paid-consulting-services in both client and server side. This Application might be customizable in functions and branding upon to the request.

This Application is 100% owned by UAB “Sestoji Planta”. The purpose of this App is to break the ice between both genders and let them to go through exciting games which would lead single boys and girls to meet each other.

WHAT we do?

There are many parts of a project which are already done by Tech companies like us, and these codes are intellectual assets of the company and usually being kept as black box. It is not common that a company share such codes with others but recently, we focused on FORK AGREEMENTS which allow third parties to use our codes according to a specified terms and conditions.

Therefore, there is no need to redo the codes which we already developed which gives you the chance to boost up your growth. As the result, you focus on the unique features you plan for your App rather than wasting time to make it from the scratch.


HOW it works?

Simply, you give us some short story of what you want, and we will handle the complexities. We rebrand our codes for your usage and make the required changes you may need and… BINGO. your App is ready.

WHY we do it? Because we could be more successful if we had such a chance to turn our idea, into brilliant products. Hence, we are happy to make extra money from other’s growth and success.

WHAT else?

We understand the importance of having cash in the first stages of any good project, so we can consider holding some part of good projects, as a part of our contract fee.


AI Services

Artifical Intelligence is now more accessible for Business owners to develop magical products. AI is now easier than ever, by cloud services and open API solutions, there are significant potentials for leading innovative ideas to the market. That’s why we at Sestoji Planeta are more focused on the innovative products as well as agility rather than building and retention of AI massive engines.

Development and Retention

We choose to be result-oriented for the sake of customer care and honesty in the business. However, we are careful about the development process, but we prefer not to charge our clients for per-hour services. Instead, we offer cost-per-project including a timing guarantee secured by contractual penalties.

Enterprise Solutions

We offer a wide range of services for enterprise clients including consultation, design, modeling, implementation, test, release, retention and supply chain management. We provide high-tech business solutions for investors as well. We also possess many self-developed products in the field of  FinTech, VOIP services, Social communications and AI integration which may be customized upon in case.