This Application is 100% owned by UAB “Sestoji Planta,” and its success will play a key role among our startups. The idea of this App relays on sharing talents and skills, whether a simple capability or a specified skill set. In fact, “Cando” will be a competitive marketplace for skills. By Cando, everybody can promote his/her talent within a specified area.

” This mobile App would be useful for the labor market and could provide many profits by easing promotion for SMEs. Also, It could help the country, EU and even all the world to reach the SBA targets faster.
As an instance: one of the primary goals of the Act is to provide better ambiance for women cooperation in business activities. Cando App can easily help women in marketing for their business and hand-made stuff. Obviously, customer approaches will motivate them to continue growth.
On the other hand, people can easily find a short-term job without having a shop. Therefore, the cost of doing business cuts and at the same time the competitiveness of the market will result in cutting prices for consumers “

Your Skills

If you are a person, with a certain set of skills and you are looking for an opportunity to implement these skills practically, we will let you take orders from people who are in need of your talent

Others' Skills

If you are someone looking for a certain set of skills or the right person to do the job for you, we can help you give direct orders, and make your life easier.

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