Our Services

At 6th Planeta, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to show of what they are capable of, and to make their talent a weapon of success in the market. However mostly, a person’s talent might go to waste, due to the minimal interaction people have with their fellow-niche members. This is where 6th Planeta can help you!

What Do We Do?

At 6th Planeta, we believe that the biggest opportunity anyone can get does what they love, and as an incentive, follow it as their professional career. Enthralled by this brilliant idea, the thinkers at 6th Planeta decided to design a platform for you, which can help you directly share what you are good at, the benefits other people can reap from your skills, and what you want for yourself.

Inspired by the belief that people must have an easy-to-use mobile platform to interact, we make sure to encourage a beneficial interaction between our users. We make sure that people get a chance to provide their skills and capabilities, to people of the same niche and industry. This idea of a better human interaction drove us to create a platform, which enables people to find other people, according to their needs and problems.

Our team applies their professional expertise in each field, and after collecting tons of research and information, we analyze and interpret to come up with something, which will suit the customers the most.

Why Do We Do It?

We do this because we know how good it feels to help others, and how brilliant it is to turn this help into a chain. We aim towards being one of those platforms, which can provide the users with the lighter end of the tunnel, where help and solutions can be accessible easily and within no time at all.

Moreover, our perspective is to bring a positive change through improving the human interaction, and creating a higher social responsibility sense in people. We aim towards creating something we can do, you can do, and which can bring benefit to all of us. Hence, we hope that our newest focus – the CanDo mobile app, can be the change you want.

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Phone: +370 5 2141820

E-mail: Info@6thplaneta.com