UAB "Sestoji Planeta" is a private company focused on IT Business and Services. Our headquarter is in the beautiful Vilnius Techpark which is The biggest ICT startup hub in the Baltics & Nordics, uniting international startups, tech companies, VCs, accelerators, incubators & other businesses.

We are a member of the Sapiegos Community and Telia-Hub co working space which leads us to be in touch with several talents and startup owners in a friendly zone.

If you want to meet us, we will be glad to host you in Building No. 5 next to the Sapiegos entrance!

Our Entire Values

1- We don not trade goods! We generate, reproduce, develop, extend and sell knowledge

2- We are responsible for our decisions and activities

3- We work legal, fare and ethical

4- We believe in humanity and well-being in our business

5- We believe in competitive market

6- Our business is based on values

7- Making money is one of our aims but not all

Zero to Hundred

The stages we pass trough to transform a raw idea to an innovative solution or product is easy:

1- Look for problems inside the society

2- Coming up with an idea which could solve the problem

3- Providing several innovative ideas and sorting them as PlanA, PlanB, PlanC, and so on

4- Their ease of deployments and the vision of success are two essential factors for prioritizing each plan

5- We should plan for the project, and its sub-projects

6- After we define the project flow, we should predict the required time, required budget, required a Human resource, and the way we can monitor the progress

7- Based on the market demand, and ease of doing each project, we have to prioritize in-hand projects. Then we will dedicate our available resources for reaching the project purpose

Re-schedule all projects, time to time. We also manage to cover our expenses

Risk Control

1- As a STARTUP, We should keep in mind that many of such companies have encountered with failure and bankruptcy

2- Obstacles are natural part of any business and we should control our expectations

3- Motivative activities and working in a co-working space among other Startups would increase our threshold for accepting risks

4- Freelancing will decrease our expenses, but we should make sure about data protection

5- The most asset of ours is motivation, knowledge, engagement with technology and mindful innovations. Therefore our business should be treated differently in comparison with a Super-Market

Our Partners and providers

We plan to be agile and adoptive! So, we take advantage of powerful partners and technology owners to develop our jobs faster and more reliable!

Antakalnio str. 17, LT-10312 Vilnius

Phone: +370 623 78718